Breast Cancer Survivor

Neighbors at The Preserves at Rio Pinar (Orlando, FL) – Breast Cancer Survivor
When Charlene Salley was diagnosed with breast cancer, her neighbors stepped up to help. One neighbor stayed with her overnight at the hospital when she was in surgery. Another neighbor stayed with her at her home when she returned home in case she needed any help, day or night. On her 25th wedding anniversary just days after surgery, Charlene was able to celebrate in the comfort of her home, thanks to 3 neighbors who brought in a candlelit dinner and arranged a beautiful table setting for her and her husband. A neighbor who owned a hair salon even came to Charlene’s home and shaved her head, bringing with her gifts of scarves and wigs for any outfit Charlene would want. Thankfully, Charlene is now a breast cancer survivor, thanks in part to the tireless generosity and goodwill of her neighbors who helped her in her time of need.

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